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Leaders in the architecturally specified waste handling industry.

In 2001, CHUTE SOURCE was a start-up in rented space behind a sheet metal shop in Barberton, Ohio. Back then, our three founders sold, designed, built and installed locally, while supplying three distributors regionally with chutes and compactors. They were busy then, CHUTE SOURCE Headquarters but not too busy to recognize the need for a strong commitment to R&D that was lacking in what they called the Architecturally Specified Waste Handling Industry. Fancy words to describe a small band of innovative “garbage men”. They formed a vision for improving this Industry derived from diverse backgrounds that included Architecture, General & Electrical Contracting, R&D, High Rise Condo Development, Manufacturing, and Automation Engineering. Their desire to implement improvements was kindled by the Industry’s resistance to a couple of decades of Life Safety progress made by the rest of the construction industry. The reasoning for this anomaly seemed to be lacking: “…well, nobody makes that” or the ever-popular “… that’s the way we’ve always done it”. Because these reasons are poor substitutes for Life Safety, CHUTE SOURCE was determined to take a different path and fill an enormous void with superior products and innovation that have dramatically changed the view of the waste handling industry.

Superior Products and Innovation

Our union fabricators average over 26 years of experience building chutes in this industry. CHUTE SOURCE has built a reputation for superior products and innovation by adding better automation, superior R&D, and plenty of old-fashioned craftsmanship and pride. Interestingly, when UL saw their first patented product, their unsolicited response was telling:

...this changes everything

Today, CHUTE SOURCE creates and sells the safest products in the Industry, while providing more features, services, quality control, timely production, ease of installation, and accuracy than our competition – often for about the same dollar.

Life Safety is our core value.

We respect, understand, and support the design profession’s fiduciary responsibility to Life Safety of the public-at-large. Our commitment to you recognizes the fact that in every project someone will be dependent upon the accuracy of our word. This becomes increasingly important when you understand that chutes are used in buildings where people are sleeping, such as condominiums and apartments, in hotels, and in nursing homes and hospitals. Like the design profession, we cannot afford to take our commitment to Life Safety casually. The lives of families, patients, guests, and firefighters are dependent upon our actions and decisions. We don’t see Life Safety as a bargaining chip, but rather a necessity.

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