Chute Doors

All doors are locked in the event of fire or the removal of power. This provides protection for an operator when servicing the compactor or replacing a container. Doors are controlled by low voltage Class 2 power.

SINGLE HAND OPERATION: The door open button is depressed. The same hand can then open the door. All Chute Source doors are single hand operation.

Replacement Doors

Replacement doors for
for all manufacturers

Door Types

Manual (no controls)
Air operated
El Electrically Operated


Door functions are labeled. A red light provides indication of an open or misaligned door.  MC Cable with 14 gauge plenum wire connects the floors.  Cables are “Plug &Play”, keyed to prevent wiring errors.

Doors are single hand operation and are UL labeled.

Door Types:


Doors prevent more than one door from being open at a time thus protecting from falling trash. They also provide a means to lock doors in the event of fire or while servicing the system.


are built based on the requirements of the American Disabilities Act. The doors must either open and close by themselves (a combination electrical and air) or require no more than a 5 lb. pull. In some cases, the door open button may be required to be no more than 48″ from the floor. An ADA door meets all the requirements for EI Electrically operated doors.


The door open button is replaced by a photo-eye so that it is not necessary to touch the door. This is ideal for hospitals. Both ADA and El doors can be built “HANDS FREE”.


The door the open button is depressed and then the same hand can release the button and open the door.